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Commission Info

Hello, thank you for your interest in my commissions! Please read my rules and information below.

Business Enquiry: [email protected]



✦ I open up my commissions in batches of up to 5 slots.
You can expect a piece to take 2 weeks average.
✦ When commissions are open, my Patrons on Patreon get first access to my commission form, and then the form is made public until all the batch slots are filled.
✦ Fill in the form with your commission information, and I will email you back if I accept.
✦ Once your form has been submitted and the commission accepted, you will receive a PayPal invoice.
✦ Slot is confirmed and work will begin only after full payment.
✦ You will receive progress updates through email and you can ask for revisions. That being said, there are a limited number of revisions I am willing to do. If you make me start over multiple times, I will ask for additional payment.


✦ I take my payments upfront and there are NO REFUNDS once I have started working on your piece.

Will Draw / Won't Draw

✦ I have the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason I see fit. I do not have to fully disclose the reason to the client as long as the commission has not been started, especially if such commission and/or client has made me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
I Will Draw: Original Characters, Fan Art, Dungeons And Dragons, NSFW, Humans, Monsters, Furry/Anthro, Machines, Heavy Armor
I Won't Draw: Offensive/Hateful Content, Extreme Fetishes, Illegal Content
✦ Regarding NSFW commissions: You must be at least 18 to commission me for suggestive or explicit art.

Commercial Commissions

✦ I accept commercial commissions, the price will be discussed over email depending on the purpose and timeline.
✦ Please read the terms and conditions for commercial commissions

Terms & Conditions Below

Personal Commissions Price Guide